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Vocal and Guitar of the musical group, CATSUOMATICDEATH. He wanted to be a sculptor ever since his childhood, but now he is a songwriter and a musical actor. He likes to read and write and sing and play the guitar.




Rising Sun Rock Festival 2010 in Ezo, Mo'ezomatic Tour in Hokkaido, and some miscellaneous writings

Hey people out there, w'ssup? I've been working my ass off to get a clearer vision concerning life and music: sorry for my long absence on the net.

Been inside for a long time trying to get all the gears rightly tuned; more than half year is just not enough to get everything right. Since our last gig-event last year with dip at Shelter, Beratrek has been helping us out greatly. His appearace has led me to believe all the gears I've been loving in vain needs to be rightly tuned and matched with the amp and guitar which eventually brought the idea that "Ibanez AD9 Delay Robert Keeley Mod with foot pedals" was the only pedal that I can still keep in the front line of my pedal board.

I had tons of fuzz and distortion and overdrives, but now I only use early proco rat and ram's head; thus three pedal on the front line. This was the sound people had everywhere. when I had first started touching my guitar in the 80's, these were mostly the pedals people had. As far as I listen to the sound I make when I scratch on my guitar, it is the sound itself I have in mind and in my memory. I never preferred revivalism, but I pretty much love this dirty sound. It's "the" classic sound, but somehow sounds differently now. My guitars have been taking a long time to be tuned right; and is still not done. Two of my JMs need repair on the bridge and the pickups to keep the original sound which I had removed long time ago(what was I thinking at then!) I must had no idea da'fuc I was doing to my guitar in my early years when jazzmaster 1961 had cost only $800 at stores in downtown NY. Ghee, ignorace can cost lots... Well, I'm back to where I first began but with a better idea where I'm going.

Where da hell we're going now? We are still a duo rock band with Beratrek helping us out on the bass. We haven't gone so far on this point, but things surrounding us seemed to change alot; many bands leaving the industry and lots of breaking ups among people and classic harley riding bands; new festivals appearing and swarming everywhere in the country. I had no idea where we were going, but the answer seemd to be in the wind; and we got it. After our Hokkaido tour in May 2010, we got an offer to play at the RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL in HOKKAIDO, which, primarily focuses on domestic artists unlike FujiRock and SummerSonic. I got a call directly from the director so I just told him I'll take it and didn't let Yuka know about this for couple days, I don't know why. We're going to play there on the 15th of August, 3:10am for about an hour as a closer of GreenOasis, a stage where it holds approximately 4000 to 5000 audience. God know what it's gonna be like; at least I know nothing what's gonna happen out there.

There are guys out there telling me we are the chosen dead horse playing behind big bands, but I gotta say sometthing to these fine young men; I DON'T CARE and I CARE LESS ABOUT MANY THINGS surrounding me; I CARE ABOUT VERY FEW THINGS. I love music and my friends, and I pay respect to where I belong. I am going there to play simply because, I want to give an end to what I've been doing for the past 7 years and to bring a new begginning to myself, and also, want to play music for the people who even care to bother coming to our show, so I don't give a damn if you're trying to turn me down; rape me if you can.

Anyway, we're going to tour Hokkaido. After the festival we've got five other gigs coming. Here's our official dates with posters:

August 15th 3:10am Green Oasis@ Rising Sun Rock Festival 2010 in Ezo


August 15th late nite@ Hall Spiritual Lounge, Sapporo
August 17th CRU-Z, Otaru
August 18th Denkineko, Asahikawa
August 19th Rest, Obihiro
August 20th Pigtsy, Sapporo

Some randomly shot pics from when I was touching my, pedals.
this guy has four send returns holes with a booster in the middle: a smart guy. Me and my friend Turbo made this creature. It creeps out late at night on the floor and it looks like

I need some time to read and write, deadly. Help me God.


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